Professional Wrestling

Bronko began wrestling in February 1933 and won his first match in 2 minutes and 14 seconds. He wrestled January to July and hten played football from September to December.

 After winning the title in June 1937 by defeating Dean Detton in Minneapolis, he both wrestled and played football for the rest of the year. During one 21 day period, Bronko played in 5 football games and defended his wrestling title 8 times, while traveling from the Midwest to the East Coast and back to the Midwest. 

He was truly an Iron Man. He held the NWA (National Wrestling Alliance) title five times from 1937 to 1941. His favorite holds were the rope butt, the flying tackle, and the body slam. He retired from wrestling in 1942 and did not resume until 1946; he retired for good in 1958.  

Bronko Nagurski versus Gus Sonnenberg Los Angeles, California, August 3, 1938 Victor: Bronko Nagurski No Audio Available.

Bronko Nagurski versus Jim Londos Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, November 18, 1938 Victor: Jim Londos Audio Available.